For Attorneys

Attorneys need clear-cut information to best present their divorcing clients’ cases. Collaborative Divorce Strategies works with attorneys, providing professional financial analysis and long-term financial planning and examining all the potential outcomes of the financial negotiations.

As an attorney...

Your ultimate goal is to be the legal advocate on your client’s behalf, using every possible advantage available to you.
You need concrete research and detailed, organized financial information that will support the equitable distribution of the marital estate and benefit your client long after their divorce is final.
Working collaboratively, we become an integral part of your client’s “divorce team” (mediator, CPA, mortgage lender). Our goal is to present a complete financial plan exploring all the “what if” scenarios and determining how these decisions will affect your client’s future, prior to finalizing the divorce agreement.
Here’s the roadmap we use to help ensure the legal outcome is achieved with your client’s best interests in mind:

Our Roadmap

This is what we use to help ensure the legal outcome is achieved with your client's best interests in mind.
Collaborative Divorce Strategies